About Us

At Merchstore we appreciate how hard you’ve worked to build your fanbase. So, we’ve devised a way for you to sell branded merch, without taking your eye off the ball.

Dean Roscoe

Owner and Founder

I already had an embroidery and screen-printing company producing high quality clothing for businesses, which is where I started spotting a new trend - enquiries from influencers looking to start their own clothing lines.

After getting to know them better, their pain points were obvious. Orders were coming in, but the logistics were causing headaches. Which got me thinking. Why not outsource the packing, storage, admin and shipping to us in exchange for a small share of the sale price?

The result was Merchstore. Individually branded online clothing stores built for influencers, backed by on demand order fulfilment. No need to buy and hold stock, no need to manage inventory, no minimum order and no frustrating delays. Just a seamless way for absolutely anyone to monetise their fanbase selling personalised clothing online without the usual hassle.

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